Quick Comparison Between KTM RC 125 Vs RC 200

The craze for new bikes and appealing models has certainly set in. Bikes have undoubtedly changed the stream of modern transportation, and almost every next person owns a bike these days.

The growing popularity of the Australian brand KTM has its demand steadily increasing with each passing day. The stylish and sporty exterior is too appealing to disappoint anyone.

These days, KTM bikes in India are one of the most trendy models. So if you are wondering about which model to purchase, you are at the right place. This article will guide you through the detailed comparison between these two models.

Is KTM RC 125 Better Than KTM RC 200?


Are you also strung up between the dilemma of KTM RC 125 vs RC 200? This big confusion can only be answered by a detailed comparison of the two of them. Thus, you would easily understand which model is best suited for your preferences and needs.

This comparison between KTM RC 125 vs RC 200 will be based on multiple features such as mileage, key features, price range, specialties, and color ranges available.

General Specifications Of RC 125 Vs RC 200


Both RC 125 and RC 200 are amongst the most popular models. Thus, the competition of KTM RC 200 vs RC 125 remains constant. Therefore, the detailed specifications can be listed down as below:

Key Features Of KTM RC 125 Vs KTM RC 200


On comparing RC 125 vs RC 200, we find that while the former has a single-channel ABS, the former comes with a double-channel. Moreover, the analysis of KTM RC 125 vs RS 200 further shows that there’s no difference in the tires or types of braking system used.

Furthermore, the features of KTM RC 125 vs RS 200 tells us that the former is available in the black and orange variant, while the latter is available in white, black and orange.

KTM RC 125 Vs 200: Pros And Cons


To reach a solid conclusion point and give you a better understanding of the difference between KTM RC 125 vs 200, we have jotted down the ultimate list of pros and cons for both of these models:

I. KTM RC 125



  • It is set up to handle brilliantly in corners.
  • The sporty livery presents an appealing design.
  • Top-spec components are used in its manufactures, such as USD fork and radial tyres.


  • Expensive
  • The performance of the motor outgrows easily.
  • Aggressive and reckless riding is often uncomfortable.

II. KTM RC 200



  • The key features and cycle parts top the list.
  • It offers the best performance in the segment.
  • The appealing design is completed by sharp styling.


  • The NVH levels are often poor.
  • The ride quality is pretty stiff.
  • Aggressive motor.



The above two KTM bikes in India are undoubtedly the best of their kind. Individually, they offer great specifications and are suited for different budgets.

However, when it comes to the list of comparisons of KTM RC 125 vs KTM RC 200, it can be established that KTM RC 200 has better features. Although it comes at a comparatively higher price range than RC 125, its other features are far more advanced than RC 125.

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