Quick Comparison Between KTM Duke 250 Vs KTM Duke 390

KTM bikes are one of the best in the world as they have powerful engines capable of delivering high speed and robust performance. The engines of these bikes are incredibly reliable and durable.

If you are in a dilemma- whether to go with KTM Duke 250 or the KTM Duke 390, this article will prove beneficial for you as it includes a detailed comparison between the two splendid bikes.

KTM Duke 250 Vs. KTM Duke 390 - A Quick Comparison


1. KTM Duke 390 costs INR 3.54 lakhs, INR 75,000 greater than KTM Duke 250, priced at INR 2.79 lakhs.

2. The engine displacement of Duke 250 is 248.8cc, whereas that of Duke 390 is 373.2cc. Clearly, in the game of engine’s cubic capacity, Duke 390 is a winner.

3. The Duke 250 can exhibit a max power of 30ps@9000rpm, whereas the Duke 390 is observed to have a max power of 43.5ps@9000rpm.

4. Both these KTM bikes in India are available in two colours. The KTM Duke 390 comes in Ceramic White and Silver Metallic variants, whereas the KTM Duke 250 has the options for Silver Metallic and Dark Galvano.

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5. The Duke 390 gives us a mileage of 25kmpl, whereas the Duke 250 provides us with a mileage of 30kmpl, making the latter more fuel-efficient.

6. Duke 390 (163 kg) is slightly heavier than Duke 250 (161.9 kg).

7. The wheel size of both these bikes is the same, i.e., Front Wheel - 431.8mm; Rear Wheel - 431.8mm

8. The Duke 250 and Duke 390 come with a self-start mechanism.

9. The engine type of both these bikes is entirely the same, both with the emission type of BS-6.

10.Both the KTM bikes have four valves per cylinder and run on petrol.

11. The fuel capacity of both these bikes is also the same, which is 13.5 litres.

From the data mentioned above, it has become evident that although both these KTM bikes in India have almost the exact specifications, they have their pros and cons. The engine and power of Duke 390 are better, but Duke 250 itself is slightly cheaper and more fuel-efficient. Both these KTM bikes come under the category of “Roadster Sports Bikes”.

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