A Quick Comparison Between Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 Vs KTM Duke 125

Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 is the entry-level roadster manufactured by Bajaj. The truth is, NS 125 has enough power to compete with the likes of KTM Duke 125. This article has a detailed comparison between the Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 and KTM Duke 125.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 Vs KTM Duke 125 :-


1. Engine Displacement


The Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 gives us a displacement of 124.4 ccs, whereas the KTM 125 Duke provides you with a displacement of 124. cc.

2. Power


The Pulsar NS 125 provides a power of 11.99 PS @ 8500 rpm, and the 125 Duke delivers a power of 14.5 PS @ 9250 rpm.

3. Starter Mechanism


The Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 comes with the kick and self start whereas the KTM Duke 125 has a self-start only.

4. Gearbox


The Pulsar NS 125 is coupled to a five-speed transmission, whereas the 125 Duke's engine is coupled to a six-speed transmission.

5. Torque


The Pulsar NS 125 gives a torque of 11 Nm, whereas the Duke 125 provides a torque of 12 Nm.

6. Braking & Suspension


The KTM 125 Duke makes use of superior hardware along with WP inverted forks and mono-shock. The front and rear disc brake dimensions are 300 mm and 230 mm, respectively, with single-channel ABS.

Whereas the Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 uses a telescopic fork and a Nitrox mono-shock. The front and rear disc brake dimensions are 240 mm and 130 mm, respectively, with CBS.

7. Seat Height


The seat height of both the bikes might not seem to differ much. However, there is a slight difference between them. The seat height of the Pulsar NS 125 is 805 mm, whereas that of the 125 Duke is 818 mm.

Both these Bajaj bikes are entirely different from each other in terms of their performance and hardware. But, they play a significant role in different cases. For example, if you have a budget of about Rs 2 lakhs, then the KTM Duke 125 might be a great choice. However, if you are not thinking of extending your budget more than Rs 1 lakh, then the Bajaj NS 125 is also a considerably affordable option.

8. Price Comparison


The range of pulsar bikes has been increased by the addition of the Bajaj Pulsar NS 125. The price of the KTM 125 Duke is Rs 1.91 lakh which is Rs 97,570, costlier than the Bajaj Pulsar NS 125, which is priced at Rs 93,818.

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The above comparison gives you a clear picture of the Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 Vs KTM Duke 125 debate. Both Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 and the KTM Duke 125 can play different roles based on your interest and expectations from the bikes. A bike loan also prevents you from completely draining out all of your savings and paying the amount in instalments.

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