How Many Colors Available in New Pulsar NS 125

The New Pulsar NS 125 has taken everyone by the storm. It is efficient, flexible and highly maintainable for everyone. What is more is that this bike comes at an affordable price range that will leave you wanting more for the longest time. But that is not all. The exceptional mileage, high speed and fuel tank capacity make it a great option for most Indians to ride without any inconvenience. That is why we are consistently recommending them to you.

If you wish to buy a modern-day two-wheeler that leaves everybody impressed, the New Pulsar NS 125 is all you need. The bike has a good kerb weight, seat height, and everything else about it is just how it should be. So, why keep waiting? In this article, we will help you unravel the colours available in New Pulsar NS 125. Keep reading for more relevant information.

What Are The Colors Available in New Pulsar NS 125?


The New Pulsar NS 125 comes in four different colours. The names of the different colours are-

All these bikes are priced at Rs. 99,347*. The prices may differ as you purchase the bike from other online stores where you might get it at more affordable rates. So, we will recommend you to compare the prices thoroughly before you buy it from anywhere. All the four available colours of this bike are versatile and offer a different type of mood. So, you can be spoilt for choices and pick as per your convenience without worrying at all.

The colours of the New Pulsar NS 125 are unique, quirky, and a true style enhancer. They are exquisite enough to help you start a conversation with anyone, anywhere. That is why we say Pulsar all models are great. If you wish to buy one, do not wait anymore. The bike also features a good-looking headlamp, and twin LED tail lamps. You may also have access to a quality fuel tank.

More About The Efficient New Pulsar NS 125


The fuel efficiency of the bike is good. Pulsar all models have a fuel capacity of 40 kmpl. What is more, is that the air-cooled engine and five-speed gearbox are incredible. But it does not end there. The power delivery is linear and friendly for driving around the entire city at your convenience. So, you can use it and have all the fun you want to experience, whenever in need. The low to mid-range torque is also quite convenient for everyone.

The engine capacity of this bike is 124.45cc. Apart from this, it also features a kerb weight of 144kg. So, if you are looking to purchase the bike now, why keep waiting? We promise it provides all the effectiveness you need from it.

The Bottom Line


It is fair to say that the colours available in New Pulsar NS 125 are a standout. But they are not the only good points about this bike. The features and specifications are all impressive and make the two-wheeler worth purchasing. So, if you wish to make the most of it, do not keep waiting.

Make sure you start comparing the bike prices online right away and buy from the most nominal one. However, keep in mind that the site you rely on is worthy of trust and provides real credibility. It will help ensure that you are in safe hands without any compromise. Think about it. They are waiting for you.

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