A Complete Guide to Choose the Right Size Motorcycle

Purchasing a two-wheeler for the first time is a daunting task. Not only does it require firm decisiveness, but it also asks for a rational thinking-process and not the one from your heart. While first-time buyers believe that the process of selecting a bike is as easy as choosing an outfit or ordering a meal, only those who have experience know how demanding the task can be.

There are many things to tick when it comes to the checklist of buying a new bike—for example, preparing a budget, financing the bike, contacting various dealers, and comparing them to find the best deal for yourself, etc.

But what's most important is knowing how to choose a motorcycle that fits your build and is easy-to-handle for you.

Why Does The Size Matter?

The first question you need to know the answer to is why selecting a bike fit for you is essential. There are so many teenagers aged 17-19 who ride heavily built sportbikes with immense power and speed. So, why can't you?

Unfortunately, if you lose control over the bike, it would be impossible to balance the vehicle, which in the first place, you cannot even handle. Second, it would become difficult to clear such high debts when your bike would be damaged, and in need of repairs, you will have medical expenses to take care of, etc.

How To Choose a Motorcycle?

The best way to find the ideal bike size for you is to test it manually. Go to the showroom and ask for a test ride. Analyze how well you can manage the bike efficiently, without any hassle.

First of all, sit on the bike and see if your feet are touching the ground conveniently or not. Make sure the height of the bike is not low or high, but perfect for you.

Next, try all the controls. Your legs should rest appropriately on them, and your hands must not ache when reaching for the brakes. Make sure your posture while riding a bike is not stressful but relaxing for you.

Still, Confused? Go With the Following Recommendations Then!

If you're a first-time buyer, not only will you contemplate taking a bike loan a lot, but also you will be confused with your decisions. It happens, we understand.

And that's why we have a few suggestions that you can go with:

  • Cruisers - have low seat heights and are the best option for beginners.
  • Standard- if you have a little bit of experience of riding a bike, it won't be challenging to handle a standard one. They have their style as well as are comfortable.
  • Sports- are ideal for people who have great experience in riding a bike and can handle high power bikes.
  • Touring- Since bikers have to rest on them for extended periods, they are incredibly comfortable and spacious, but quite heavy.
  • Touring- Since bikers have to rest on them for extended periods, they are incredibly comfortable and spacious, but quite heavy.


Wrapping it up, choosing a bike that suits your figure, height, and is easily manageable is a crucial step in finding the right bike for you. It is imperative you stick with your mind rather than following your heart in such conditions and do not hesitate to check the bike or even go for a test ride!

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