Bajaj BS6 Bikes Price List - 21 Bikes That Have BS6 Engine

Boys, men and even some girls love to ride bikes. These two-wheelers are loved because they are a joy to ride and make the ride pulsating and thrilling. Riding a two-wheeler is a dream ride, and there is one company you need to trust Bajaj and its range of BSE bikes. The full range includes more than 20 bikes and suits different incomes and pockets. Some of the Bajaj BS6 bikes at different prices are Dominar 400 costing Rs. 1.91 lakhs at the top and CT 100 Alloy Wheel Kick Start costing as low as Rs 40,730. Since their prices vary, it makes it easier for people of all ages and incomes to own a bike.

Most People Prefer Bikes Instead of Cars

But, the question that gets asked most often is that if you have enough money, then why should one go for two-wheelers instead of four-wheelers? The answer is straightforward: it is the need of the hour. The ease and stylishness offered by both two-wheelers and four-wheelers are different. For example, a stylish bike elicits awe!

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Additionally, in congested cities, the two-wheeler allows you to move faster while in the rural areas, it is easier to navigate the narrow terrains on a bike. Many people want to own elegant and luxurious motorcycles while others want to use the mean machines to travel on rugged terrains.

Wide Range of Bajaj BS6 Bikes with Detailed Prices:

  1. Dominar 400: Rs 1.91 lakhs
  2. Dominar 250: Rs 1.60 lakhs
  3. Avenger 220 Cruise: Rs 1.15 lakhs
  4. Avenger 160 Street: Rs Rs 90,048
  5. Pulsar RS 200: Rs 1.44 lakhs
  6. Pulsar NS200: Rs 1.24 lakhs
  7. Pulsar 220F: Rs 1.16 lakhs
  8. Pulsar 180F Neon: Rs 1.07 lakhs
  9. Pulsar NS160: Rs 1.04 lakhs
  10. Pulsar 150 Twin Disc: Rs 99,117
  11. Pulsar 150 Single Disc: Rs 95,981
  12. Pulsar 150 Neon: Rs 86,625
  13. Pulsar 125 Neon Drum: Rs 71,033
  14. Pulsar 125 Neon Disc: Rs 75,361
  15. Platina 110 Disc Brake: Rs 59,456
  16. Platina 100 Electric Start: Rs 55,040
  17. Platina 100 Kick Start: Rs 46,950
  18. CT110 Kick Start: Rs 46,964
  19. CT110 Electric Start: Rs 50,451
  20. CT 100 Alloy Wheel Electric Start: Rs 48,161
  21. CT 100 Alloy Wheel Kick Start: Rs 40,730
*Price may vary as per your city and bike model.

Why You Should Own A Bike?

There is also an economic factor attached to the rising demand of motorbikes. This is saving the cost of fuel. As fossil fuel is getting costlier day by day, maintaining a four-wheeler becomes a big issue. Whereas the bikes like Bajaj BS6 Bikes consume less fuel, thus helping people, particularly the office goers, opt-out to it both to save monthly budgets on fuel and also saving commuting time.

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The magical love for motorbikes having catchy colours and design also emanates out of the most practical reason for parking. We know in urban India parking cars is a huge problem. Moreover, you also do need space to park these vehicles both in office and homes.

With the motorcycles, however, one has no problem with parking, and you can now get the same through easy bike loan. The fuel-efficient motorcycle is a virtual symbol of middle-class urban India. For some, including the upper-middle class, it also is a moving machine of leisure drive and joy rides. For the millennials, biking is fast becoming a hobby as they consider it an integral part of modernity.


There are so many stylish bikes to choose from. Moreover, you can now possess a stylish high-speed bike an easy Bike Loan and affordable EMI options. Take time to study the bike, you want to own before you buy one.

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