7 Bike Maintenance Tips You Should Know Before Going For Long Rides

Planning an exotic, long bike trip to take a break from the shackles of daily life? There are several factors to keep in mind before you undertake a smooth, refreshing journey. The last thing you want on a road trip is to get stuck in an unfamiliar area due to a breakdown. Thus, it is mandatory to ensure whether your bike is best suited for the journey or not.

The easiest and most effective way of doing this is to get bike insurance. No matter how old your bike might be or how many modifications it has faced, it is a dream for every person to go on a long tour with their personal motorcycle. Keeping this in mind, here are seven important bike maintenance tips for long rides:-


1. Check Your Papers


Before starting your journey, ensure that you carry all the important papers for your bike and are also up to date. Carry important papers like driver’s license, bike insurance, and registration documents.


2. Understand Your Bike


The most important thing a person should know while riding a bike is to understand the bike itself. This does not include maintenance work, but the experience you feel while riding it. One must know to apply brakes properly, to accelerate steadily and to take smooth turns. Your bike is like your best friend, so it is mandatory to understand its mechanics well to realise any unforeseen issues that may arrive.

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3. Examine Lubrication


Another important factor to keep in mind is to check the engine oil before starting any journey. You must find out whether the engine is in proper condition. For this, it is advised to consult an expert before undertaking any journey. The engine oil is considered to be the blood of a bike. A good lubricant plays a very crucial role in keeping your engine in good condition thus increasing the longevity of your bike.


4. Clear The Air Filters Regularly


It is mandatory to clean the air filters of your bike before undertaking your trip. There will be situations where you need to take long ride bikes in India through dusty and dirty environments. This may affect the performance of your bike on the journey. So remember to check the air filters twice before starting your trip.


5. Check Bike Batteries


Just like we need the energy to carry out our daily activities, the battery is the powerhouse of the motorcycle. It is mandatory to ensure to keep the battery in check before starting your journey. For a smooth journey, you also have to ensure that the bike electricals such as the headlights and side blinkers are functioning properly.


6. Check Your Tyres


Wheel alignment is another key factor that needs to be addressed before a long ride. Proper alignment reduces tyre wear and ensures a safe journey. Keeping the wheel pressure at an optimum level returns a better fuel economy.

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7. Check Your Brakes


There is no point in speeding if you cannot stop your bike when most needed. Long ride bikes in India are full of uncertainties, therefore it is important to ensure that the brakes are working properly. Proper brakes guard you against maximum road accidents.




Although bike trips sound great, there are some important bike maintenance tips for long rides for you to remember. To ensure a memorable bike trip, it is important to check your bike before the journey.

Consult an expert, if you are unaware of all the factors. Once everything is checked, you’re ready to go on your trip. Lastly, remember to pack up your gear and also some medical supplies and you are all set for a memorable adventure.

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