10 Bike Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Bike in a Good Condition

Getting a new bike can be a fascinating time for customers. We all like keeping our things as though they are brand new. This is a habit that pays you over time. Proper maintenance of your bike or any automobile for that matter can reward you with a longer vehicle life as well as significantly lesser running costs during your ownership of the bike.

Here are 10 helpful Bike Maintenance Tips that will help you keep your bike looking and feeling brand new for a long time:

1. Check Engine Oil:

The oil in the engine of the bike can be thought of as the blood of the bike. It keeps the engine well lubricated as well as has a tremendous cooling effect on the vehicle. However, with time the levels of oil in the engine can decrease, or impurities can make the oil thick and viscous. This is bad for your engine and can result in knocking or even worse your pistons might seize. A simple way to avoid any issues would be to check the oil level after every service and get your old oil changed when necessary.

2. Regularly Check Your Tyres:

There are various types of motorcycle tyres based on what your style of riding is. Whatever you choose with time there will be a lot of wear and tear. Make sure to check the treads of your tyres whenever you get your bike serviced.

3. Clean Air Filter:

The air filter is a vital part of your bike and needs to be cleaned regularly. If dust and other materials get stuck in it, the intake of air by your bike will be affected. This will result in poor combustion of fuel which will ultimately result in severe engine damage.

4. Get your Transmission Inspected:

The sprockets of your bike chain need to be inspected regularly and checked for damage. Apart from this, they also need to be routinely lubricated. A good bike maintenance tip is to make sure to ensure that your motorcycle chain has a free play of 2 to 4 mm.

5. Take care of your Battery:

Your bike battery is one of the simplest components to take care of. Ensure that the terminals are tightly fixed and appropriately greased. Apart from this, checking the level of distilled water in your battery every couple of weeks is a good habit as well.

6. Clean your Bike:

It is essential to clean your bike regularly. Dirt and mud mixed with water can cause pitting in your bike in the long run. It is also a good habit to keep your bike in a sheltered place away from any external elements.

7. Engine Maintenance:

Keeping your engine tuned regularly is something that will reduce your running costs by giving you better mileage. Remember to keep the carburettor cleaned at all times as well as make sure that the gaps of your spark plug are set correctly. All of these small details will have a massive impact on the functioning of your vehicle.

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8. Get your Clutch Adjusted

Much like understanding the different types of motorcycle tyres can improve the performance of your bike, getting your clutch serviced regularly pays dividends as well. Make sure that your clutch has the right amount of free play when serviced.

9. Regularly replace your Brake Pads:

Maintaining the correct spacing of your bikes is very important. Making sure that they are neither too tight nor too loose can be a crucial safety factor. If your brakes are screeching, make sure to replace them right away.

10. Maintain a Slow Riding Speed:

Maintaining a slow, constant riding speed reduces the fuel consumption of your bike and keeps the engine in good shape.


If you follow the above-mentioned tips, we’re sure that your bike will remain in tip-top shape for many years to come.

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