Best Fuel Injection Bikes in India 2023 - Under Rs. 2 Lakh

Sports bikes are becoming more and more prevalent in the country. The demand has seen an ever-rising increase and the competition has significantly got tighter with every release. Such that providing quality bikes that offer great practicality and also are priced just right is the competition that is impossible to break in the market. Hence, with that being said, in a sports bike, the fuel injection system plays a critical role in ensuring that the fuel that is given to the engine is carried out precisely and there not more or less fuel that is provided. Hence, three top models are going to discuss which are enlisted below. Take a look-

KTM 200 Duke

The KTM Duke 200 hails to be crowned as the best ABS bike in the country. Ever since its launch, the 200cc segment of sports bikes is dominated by the KTM series. Because of the sporty look, angular design and the best of KTM engineering packed into one light, powerful yet economical machines, it makes it agile and nimble to manoeuvre despite having 200cc engine. The bike comprises of a single-cylinder four-stroke engine that is capable of producing 19Kw of power. Based on the configuration, you can extract more from the engine to suit your needs. The fuel injection system used in this bike can be found on others, but coupled with the KTM body, it makes it a different beast altogether. The base price of the KTM Duke 200 is at the range of Rs. 1.52 /-* lakh rupees.

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Bajaj Dominar

Ever since its launch, its hailed to be the best fuel injection bike in the market. The price of the bike is at 1.90/-* lakh rupees. It’s the first flagship motorcycle ever to be launched by Bajaj that is giving a fierce competition to the rivals in the same segment. It provides commendable features and also a great companion on long-distance journeys. The overall bike is powered by a 373.3cc KTM engine that is slightly modified from the Duke 390. It has a maximum output of about 34.5BHP and a total torque of about 35Nm making it one of the fastest as well we capable sports bike in the country.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

The Bajaj RS 200 is no doubt that ruler of the street. Since it's launched, it has gathered enough crowds to make it a popular demand among sporting and riding enthusiasts. While the best ABS bike crown might do to someone else on the list, the bike sports a single-channel ABS mechanism that enough to stop the bike in the least distance form any speed possible. To attain such a speed, the engine is a direct fuel injection system that is triple spark four-valve engine that is capable of displacing 200cc. The overall contraption is liquid cooled, and the maximum power that you can extract from the bike is about 24.5 BHP, and the maximum torque is at about 18.6Nm@8000RPM. The overall price point of the Bajaj RS 200 is at 1.40/-* lakh rupees.

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Therefore, based on the above-given information, fuel injection bikes come close in terms of performance offering on paper. But on the road, it’s a whole different scenario. Testing these bikes out might give you the best chance of figuring out which engine performs the best and which one has a commendable fuel injection system.

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