Comparison Between Bajaj RE Maxima vs Bajaj RE Compact

For any country to progress, its transport system plays a significant role as it’s the backbone of the running system of the country. India is a developing country, and its daily transport system revolves mostly around the three-wheeler auto-rickshaw. The form of transportation is mostly referred to as ‘auto’ or ‘tuk-tuk’. These are a cheaper and efficient mode of transport in and around the city. Its demand has soared quite high, given the rising traffic on city roads. It has made the larger automakers to take notice and put their top of the line-up technologies to use and make these more efficient, comfortable and more customer-friendly.

Bajaj has been a frontrunner in the auto-rickshaw manufacturing sector and constantly keep on updating their technology used in these auto-rickshaws and now have a fleet of rickshaws to offer. Two of the best that Bajaj produces are Bajaj RE Compact and Bajaj RE Maxima. We are going to compare these two based on performance, design, comfort, and others.


Both the auto-rickshaws come with a similar fuel capacity with a fuel tank size of 8L and a reserve capacity of 1.5L.

The Bajaj RE Compact has

  • a 2-stroke forced air-cooled engine 
  • displacement of 145cc
  • can achieve its max power of 7.6KW @5000rpm and to achieve its max torque value of 17Nm it revs @3500rpm. 
  • a smaller fuel tank capacity of 10.2L 
  • can achieve a top speed of 52 KM/HR

The Bajaj RE Maxima has:

  • a single-cylinder direct-injection engine. 
  • a staggering 447cc displacement 
  • achieves its max power of 6.62KW @ 3400rpm and the max torque of 23Nm @ 2600rpm.
  • has the upper hand in this factor with a fuel tank capacity of 15.0L and can hold up to 3.2L in reserve
  • can cruise at a max speed of 65 KM/HR.


The Bajaj RE Maxima and the Bajaj RE Compact both come pre-installed with foot clutches but the working system underneath is different.

  • Bajaj RE Maxima has dry-single plate type of clutch. The advanced version uses a manually controlled 5 forward 1 reverse transmission technology
  • Bajaj RE Compact comes with wet-multidisc type of clutch. It runs on a manually controlled 4 forward and 1 reverse type transmission technology.


On the design front, the differentiating features are less. Both the autos are built on approximately the same design language.

  • Both are Fully Built Monocoque chassis type of body design. 
  • The dimensions of the Bajaj RE Compact are 2635mmX1300mmX1692mm while the Bajaj RE Maxima have a tad bigger body dimensions of 3063mmX1422mmX1849mm. 
  • The wheelbase of the Compact is of 2000mm to that of 2025 of Maxima. 
  • The Kerb weight of Bajaj RE Compact is 368kgs and 505 of the Bajaj RE Maxima. The seating capacities of both these vehicles are the same as 3+D.


This isn’t much of a discussion point when it comes to auto-rickshaw so to be precise they both have handlebar steering type for precision handling. Both the versions have Hydraulic Expanding Friction Shoe Type with TMC – Foot-operated braking system and parking brakes. The rear suspensions are Independent swinging arms & shock absorbers with rubber spring and for the front its helical spring & hydraulic shock absorbers.

Both the autos can be bought from a Bajaj Dealership near you. Nowadays financing has become quite feasible with the easy availability of three-wheeler loans at low-cost E.M.I., allowing an interested driver to purchase the vehicle with easy instalments.

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