Bajaj Pulsar NS200 vs KTM Duke 200 - Compare All Specifications

You live in one of India's metropolitan cities, where the streets are perennially awash with traffic. Being a motorbike enthusiast, and with the convenience factor chipped in, you have been using a low power, nifty two-wheeler for city commuting. But, the enthusiast in you is crying out for something that delivers more fun and performance, and with the latest array of bike loan options at hand with Bajaj Auto Finance, you have managed to shortlist two of India's most in-demand bikes — the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 and the KTM Duke 200. Which of the two should you pick?

Pulsar NS 200 vs Duke 200: Detailed Comparison

Specification Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 KTM Duke 200
Looks Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 KTM Duke 200
Price (Ex-showroom) Rs 133,056* - (Mumbai) Rs 1,51,000* - (Mumbai)
Engine Displacement (CC) 199.5 cc 199.5 cc
Top Speed 125 km/h 142 km/h
Mileage 35 to 36.1 km/l 30 km/h
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, 4-Valve, SOHC, Triple Spark, DTS-i Engine Engine Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, DOHC Engine
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The basic configuration of both, the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 and the KTM Duke 200 are essentially similar. Both have a similarly configured chassis, albeit with key differences. Despite the similar stance, the Duke 200 has a leaner street-naked body, while the Pulsar looks slightly heftier. It is also this that makes the comparison of Duke 200 vs NS 200 imperative, when it comes to picking a mid-range bike.

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Both the bikes are powered by 200cc engines, producing identical power figures. The Pulsar NS 200 is powered by a single-cylinder, air cooled engine that produces 23.5 bhp and 18.3 Nm torque, with a kerb weight of 154 kg (ABS) 152 kg (Double Disc). On the other hand, the Duke 200 is milled by a liquid-cooled single cylinder engine that produces 25 bhp and 19.2 Nm torque and weighs 134 kg. Hence, while the power difference is not too high, the Duke 200 is certainly faster with the weight taken into account.

This difference shows in terms of speed as well, with the KTM Duke 200 reaching a top speed of 142 km/h and recording 0-100 km/h within 9.02s*. The Pulsar NS 200, on the other hand, reaches a top speed of 125 km/h and can accelerate from 0-100 kph within 9.85s*. However, this has a mild impact on the mileage as well, for against the Duke 200's recorded mileage of 30 km/l, the Pulsar NS 200 returns a mileage of 35 to 36.1 km/l.

Bike EMI Calculator and Loan Options


With this at hand, your decision may just have become harder to make. The deciding factor, hence, comes down to bike loan options at hand, and this is where Bajaj Auto Finance's bike EMI calculator comes in handy. In terms of the outright cost, the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is priced at Rs 133,056 - Ex-showroom (Mumbai), while the KTM Duke 200's better performance and slightly more premium placement in the industry pegs its price start from Rs 1,51,000 (Ex-showroom) Mumbai .

However, with excellent financing options at hand from the likes of Bajaj Auto Finance, affording either of the two bikes become a breeze. The two-wheeler financing service offers a quick and easy EMI calculator that you can use to gauge how much would you be spending on any bike, and the total interest that you would be paying over time. For two-wheelers, Bajaj Auto Finance provides up to 36 months of financing option, and total financing can go upto 95%.

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Hence, you can avail the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 at a cost of Rs 3,410/month (with 36-month financing plan), while the KTM Duke 200 will cost you Rs. 5,091/month. At such easily affordable prices, your biking ambitions between these two able street-naked performance bikes come down to whichever's styling you prefer more. The Duke 200 provides better performance and looks swankier, while the Pulsar NS 200 offers cheaper cost of running and better affordability, at only a slight compromise of performance.

Let the wheel spins begin!

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