Bajaj Pulsar NS200 BS6 Launched, Check Price & Specifications

Owning a bike is a dream of many people. It gives freedom to travel from destination A to B whenever you want. The real challenge is identifying the bike you want to purchase and arranging for the finance. A few years ago, many people put their dreams on hold, but with affordable loan options provided by lending institutions across the country, owning the dream bikes is easier than ever before.

So, if you want to own the Bajaj Pulsar NS200, you can do so with easy loan options.

Be A Proud Owner of Bajaj Pulsar NS200 BS6

The NS200 is a BS6 emission norm compliant, thus ensuring pollution control guidelines. While the price band of Bajaj Pulsar NS200 model is Rs 124,006* (ex-showroom price, Mumbai), the BS6 model is available to the customers at Rs 10,675 dearer than the BS4-compliant version.

The added premium feature is that it now gains fuel injection and Bajaj has also ensured that the model is slightly more powerful and torquier than BS4. The 199.5cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled fuel-injected engine produces 24.5PS at 9750rpm and 18.5Nm at 8000rpm.

In comparison, the BS4-compliant carbureted engine churned out 23.5PS at 9500rpm and 18.3Nm at 8000rpm. The engine continues to work alongside a 6-speed transmission.

Bike Loan With Easy EMI Options

Many companies offering a bike loan to their customers. You can expect features such as automated cheque-handling facilities, instant eKYC and computerized loan accounting with on-line customer data to handle customer transactions efficiently.

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How Does the Bike Loan Calculator Work?

When you take a bike loan, you have to repay the amount with interest and this amount has to be paid within the stipulated months. Here are the three defining principles of a bike loan:

  • Loan amount - The amount taken by you as the borrower to buy a bike or scooter
  • A rate of interest - The interest charged by the lender on the principal amount
  • Tenor - The number of months or years within which you have to repay the loan amount along with the interest

Steps of Calculating EMI on Bike Loan:

Now that you are familiar with the workings of a bike loan, here’s a brief understanding on how to calculate the EMI to own your Bajaj Pulsar NS200 BS6:

  • You have to decide the amount you need as a loan
  • Interest rate is offered by the lending institution and depends on many factors like tenor, your income and more
  • Though the option to choose the tenor is there, most bike loan is usually for 1-5 years
  • An online tool that calculates the monthly installment you will be required to pay off the loan. You have to input the principal amount, interest rate and tenor to calculate the EMI.

Bike Loan Lowest Interest Rate:

Keep in mind that even the slightest increase of 0.25% can have a substantial effect on your repayment amount. Always do your research and look for a lending institution that offers you a bike loan at competitive interest rates as per your eligibility and requirement.

Loan Application Process

Thought the final steps will vary across lenders, the typical steps to apply for a two-wheeler loan are captured below for your understanding:

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  • Fill in all the details including financial status and repayment capacity.
  • Upload documents required for a two-wheeler loan.
  • Loans are usually sanctioned within 2-3 working days.
  • A processing fee of 1-2% is charged on the sanctioned loan amount for two-wheelers.
  • Once the loan is approved, generate the letter of approval and get your dream vehicle. Your monthly EMI will be calculated using the Bike Loan EMI Calculator.

The above captures the general steps and requirements for taking a loan for your Bajaj Pulsar NS200 BS6.

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