Bajaj Pulsar N250 Vs KTM Duke 250 - Know The Differences

The Pulsar 250 is a dashing product from the motorcycle OEM Bajaj but is it enough to match the sales of KTM Duke 250? What are the differences between the two motorcycles, you will Read in this article.

The cost of fuel was always on the expensive side in India. On top of this owning a bike is cheaper thanhat owning a car. Hence, the Indian motorcycle scene was always been lit – to be honest!

With that stated, bike OEMs in India are always at war with one another. They declare war every time they launch a new bike.

The recent sales feud has already begun as Bajaj recently unveiled the Pulsar 250.

So, will it pose as a competitive threat for the king in the 250 CC segment the revered KTM Duke 250?

Let’s break it down, shall we!?

Pulsar 250 vs Duke 250 design elements and features


Bajaj Pulsar 250 Vs KTM Duke 250 design elements are as follows -

The designers and engineers at Bajaj spent a considerable amount of time to develop the 250 and it shows. The bike boasts a steel diamond structure. According to official reports, it is the reason behind the bikes immaculate ride quality.

The KTM Duke 250 has been more or less looking the same as when it was first launched in India. It is a compact bike that is ‘ready-to-race’. It has a dynamic ride quality that one can feel when they take it on the open roads. The stance of the Duke is a bit impractical, to be honest, and city rides often lead to backaches! Compared to the 250, the Duke 250 looks a bit outdated. Sure, the facelift came with a modern-looking headlamp unit with LED DRLs but these are not new, per se!

In case you are looking for something new and out of the box then it is best that you choose the 250.

Both bikes are appealing though!

They both sport –

  • LED head and taillights
  • Split seats
  • Self-start feature.

Differences are as follows –

  • The Duke 250 has a fully digital instrument cluster whereas the 250 has a semi-analogue instrument cluster.
  • The Pulsar 250 has a tubular chassis whereas the Duke has a race-spec Trellis frame.
  • The N250 has a seat height of 795 mm, a 1,351 mm wheelbase, and a ground clearance of 165 mm. The Duke 250 has a seat height of 830 mm, 1,357 mm wheelbase, and 185 mm ground clearance.
  • The 250 has a 14 litre fuel tank whereas the Duke has a 13.4 litre fuel tank.
  • The 250 has a 37 mm telescopic fork-type suspension for the front wheel and a mono-shock suspension at the rear. The Duke 250 has an adjustable front upside down WP suspension at the front and WP mono-shock suspension at the rear.
  • The kerb weight of the 250 is 162 kg whereas the Duke 250 weighs 161 kg (dry).

Pulsar 250 vs Duke 250 engine specs


Duke 250 has a –

  • Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with a 248.76cc displacement.
  • It churns out a respectable 29.6bhp at the peak RPM range.
  • It delivers a healthy 24Nm at the peak RPM range.
  • It is mated to a race-spec 6-speed gearbox.
  • It has a race-inspired fuel injection system that ups the thrill factor.
  • It has the signature Trellis frame that improves handling and cornering.

Pulsar 250 has a

  • 249.07cc displacement engine that is oil-cooled.
  • It can deliver a respectable 24.5 PS of power and a healthy 21.5Nm of torque.
  • The bike comes with a 5-speed transmission.
  • It is mated with a frictionless clutch.

Pulsar 250 vs Duke 250 pricing


The Pulsar 250 starts at INR 1, 38,000 whereas according to the KTM bikes price list, the Duke 250 starts at ₹2.17 lakhs. Hence, people who want to own a bike that packs the punch and is affordable will surely pick the Bajaj!



It is evident that the Pulsar 250 is the show-stealer. Hence, it is evident that the product will strengthen Bajaj’s market share in India!

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