Bajaj Pulsar 220 Remodelled - Now Available in Modern Avatar with 250cc Engine

The Bajaj Pulsar 220 still enjoys legendary status among Pulsar enthusiasts! However, the bike was discontinued. 

But the good news is that the Pulsar 220 designers went back to the designing boards.

Recently, they were successful in coming up with the Pulsar F250.

The F250 is a brand new bike that is a Bajaj Pulsar 220 remodelled as 250. The F250 is a true successor to the Pulsar 220 for all the right reasons.

Some of those reasons are mentioned in the sections below.

The Design


The designers at Bajaj Auto outdid themselves with the F250. The bike looks butch and has a menacing road presence. The design language is brand new as the bike looks like no other Bajaj bike. However, one can still figure out that the bike is a member of the Pulsar family!

The bike’s semi-fairing design pays homage to the Pulsar 220 F. When compared to the N 250, the F 250 turns more heads wherever it goes!

The fairing on the bike is not bolted on just for enhancing the motorcycle’s aesthetics. The fairing is designed to enhance the overall aerodynamics of the bike especially when it is cruising at 100+ KMPH.

When compared to the Pulsar N 250, the F 250 has differently designed LED DRLs. This step means that the bike shares very few parts with the N 250. The 14-litre fuel tank, and the contoured and spacious split seats further enhance the look of the bike. The sporty pillion grab rail, light alloy wheels, and twin-barrel exhaust make this bike irresistible.

The Packaging


Unlike the rest of all Pulsar models, the F 250 got an updated list of features. The bike gets all-LED lighting and that is OEM standard fitment. The semi-digital instrument cluster has a brand-new design as well. Designers made sure that the newly designed instrument cluster has minimum bezels. This step in designing ensured that the instrument cluster entails the infinity theme of modern smartphones. However, the instrument cluster is set to display basic data. One won’t be able to connect to their smartphone or use the display for navigation functions.

The bike also gets backlit switchgear and the OEM also chose to add quite a few styling elements. Then there is a spring-loaded cover for the USB charger tucked at the base of the handlebar. The bike also gets single-channel ABS as an OEM standard fitment.

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The Ride Quality


The overall ride quality of the F 250 is like no other currently produced Bajaj bike. The F 250 is a bike built from scratch. The bike shares not even a single part with other Bajaj bikes. This means that the bike’s underpinnings are brand new as well.

For instance, unlike other Pulsar models, the F 250’s chassis uses the 250 CC engine as the stressed member. On the hardware end, the bike comes with a preload-adjustable rear mono-shock. The front telescopic fork suspension unit gets extended suspension travel. Both suspensions are set to give the rider a plush ride. However, it is to be noted that a sporty suspension setting would have given the bike an edge. The reason is simple. A sport-tuned (hard) suspension setup would provide a bouncy ride but the bike will offer impressive high-speed stability. Due to the plush suspension setting, the F250 is best for street commutes and not for high-speed test tracks. 

The Engine


The engine is new as well. The 249.07 CC, single-cylinder, oil-cooled is tuned to deliver 24.1bhp at a whopping 8,750rpm. The peak torque of 21.5Nm is available at a low 6,500rpm.

The mid-range of the engine’s performance graph is impressive. The top-end grunt from the engine is also a class apart. The low RPM range lacks the torque one expects from a 250 CC engine. The rider would hardly feel they are riding a 250 CC motorcycle when the RPM is below the 3,000 mark. Things start to get interesting when the tachometer surpasses the 4000 RPM mark. The top speed of the bike is electronically limited to 140 KMPH.

The Transmission


The bike is offered with a five-speed gearbox and works in tandem with shift assist as well as a slipper clutch. The outcome is a light clutch-pull action.

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The bike is offered with a 300mm front and 230mm rear disc brake. The bite from the brakes is confidence inspiring. 



The F 250 is a justified choice for those who are nostalgic about the legendary Pulsar 220 F. However, words cannot convince one to buy a bike. To learn more about the F 250, it would be best to take a test ride of the bike.

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