Bajaj Dominar 250 Vs KTM RC 200: Know Which is the Best Bike for You

Bajaj and KTM are two motorcycle brands in India with commendable market shares. They both manufacture quality-assured motorcycles that are also technologically advanced. This post, however, will pin the Dominar 250 and the RC 200 against one another. The goal is to establish which motorcycle is the best.

Henceforth begins the Bajaj Dominar 250 Vs KTM RC 200 analysis -

Bajaj Dominar 250


The Bajaj Dominar 250 is a street-styled touring bike.

As per the official Bajaj bike price list, it retails in India with an MSRP of Rs. Rs. 1,75,002* - Rs. 2, 10,389* and you can avail of a Two wheeler loan at the lowest interest rates from Bajaj Auto Finance. The bike is available in a single trim and three colours. The bike targets the youth who don’t have the skills to handle the excessive power of the D400.

The overall styling of the bike is similar to the D400. Furthermore, it borrows the full-LED lights, twin-barrel exhaust and digital instrument cluster from the D400.

The D250 also gets the premium mirror stalks, USD telescopic front fork suspensions and split seats from the D400. The bike also comes with a rear mono-shock suspension, dual disc brakes and dual-channel ABS.

The primary instrument cluster is programmed to offer all ride-related information to the rider in real time. There is a secondary display on the fuel tank that offers other information such as high beam notification. The bike also comes with bungee straps under its pillion seat. The rider can use these straps to secure luggage while taking the bike on a long ride.

The bike is equipped with a 250 CC, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine. It is paired with dual overhead camshafts that control four valves. Bajaj also equipped the engine with its patented twin-spark technology. The power and torque mappings of the engine are 26.6bhp and 23.5Nm. Both are available at 8,500rpm and 6,500rpm respectively. The transmission is a six-speed gearbox unit paired with a slipper clutch.

Other Features:

  • USB Mobile charging is available
  • Engine Gard changed fibre to Aluminum
  • Visor change from short to long
  • Backrest new installation
  • Handle grip change

KTM RC 200


KTM kept the RC 200 unchanged for quite a while. Seven years to be exact! However, the bike received a major update recently. Thanks to that, the bike is now more rider-friendly. The best part is that the excitement factor of the bike remains intact!

The latest iteration of the bike looks more mature, bigger and meaner. The headlamp unit is revised. It is now an all-LED unit. The LCD instrument console, however, is being borrowed from the Duke 250. The front turn indicators are incorporated into the fairing of the bike. The fuel tank capacity of the bike has been increased as well.

The latest iteration of the RC 200 is built on a split-type Trellis frame. The bike also entails a bolted-on sub-frame. The brakes, as well as the wheels, have been revised as well. They are now lighter. It allowed the bike to shed some of its dry weight.

The WP Apex mono-shock on the rear is a brand-new unit. The handlebar on the bike is fully adjustable.

The engine remains the same. The motor produces a peak power of 25.4bhp. It is a 199.5cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled engine. The air intake size has been increased. This change lets the engine produce high low-end torque. The price range of KTM RC 200 is Rs. 2.04 lakhs* - Rs. 2.17 lakhs*, but you do not need to worry about it, you can apply for a Bike Loan at the lowest interest rates.

Other Features:

  • Which can now hold 13.7 litres of fuel when compared to the 9.5 litre capacity of the older bike.
  • The fuel tank is now made out of metal, while the older tank had a plastic cover
  • The new five-spoke alloy is 0.8 kg lighter than the older design. reduces the unsprung mass of the bike

Which one is the best?


The Dominar 250 might appear bulky but it is pretty rider-friendly. The bike has a light clutch. The throttle is light as well. The riding stance of the bike is comfortable as well. The wide handlebar adds to the comfort factor of the bike. Similarly, the footrests are also positioned at a comfortable place on the bike. The seat height of the bike stands at 800mm. Riders above five feet eight inches can plant both their feet to the ground when the bike is at rest. The fuel tank entails a design that offers ample inner thigh support especially when the bike is being ridden enthusiastically. The straight-line stability of the bike, at high speeds, is commendable. The bike also counters overtake manoeuvres as well as corners with ease.

The RC 200 on the other hand, handles itself sharply just like a track bike. The latest iteration of the bike offers a predictable ride to the rider. The overall hooliganism of the bike has been contained. Now, the bike feels more composed. But that doesn’t mean that the bike cannot be pushed to its limits. The motorcycle responds maturely to sudden shifts in lean angles. The tyres on the bike from the factory offer ample grip in all weather conditions. The suspension is tuned to perfection. The transmission is track-tuned and racing-ready.



Both bikes are great choices. However, brand favouritism can lead a biker to one OEM or the other!

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