Alloy Wheels v/s Spoke Wheels - Which is Better in Bikes?

Before comparing and comprehending which wheel composition is a better option for bikes, it is important to closely study and know the features of both alloy wheels and spoke wheels.

Spoke wheels are extremely flexible due to the property of steel present in them. Hence, on rough roads, they render less shock to the back and backbone as they tend to absorb more shock than their counterparts.

Alloy wheels are much lighter than their competitors as they are constructed out of lightweight metals. This makes them a much-preferred choice for racing bikes and for commuter bikes as well due to their property of fuel efficiency.

Alloy Wheels versus Spoke Wheels - Close Comparison with Regard to the Following Points:

1. Sturdiness

Spoke wheels are sturdier than alloy wheels and hence are used mainly in adventure and off-road motorbikes. These wheels are extremely flexible, thereby providing enough room to jump with ease from building heights while retaining the grip and hold over the bike as well as the rider, both at the same time.

2. Flexibility

When talking about flexibility, spoke wheels steal the show again. The reason being its capacity to absorb shock on a hard landing. The chain of shock absorption begins with the tyres doing the honours, then transferring the job to the wheels, which, in turn pass, on the blow to the suspension. In case the wheels are not strong enough to bear the bump, they might end up bending instantly or even breaking down.

3. Fuel Efficiency

In India, the conditions of the road are extremely poor, and hence we need wheels that can bear the brunt while promising a smooth ride to the commuter. In spite of this, bike manufacturers use more of alloy wheels for the simple reason that they are light in weight. This feature of alloys over spokes assist in reducing the overall weight of the bike and hence promises better efficiency at low fuel consumption.

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4. Process of Making

It might amuse you that the way the wheels are manufactured leads to the deciding factor as to what use should they be put to. The process of casting or forging is used to make alloys for imparting them with greater strength. Also, they are made out of magnesium or aluminium, both of which are lightweight metal alloys, this justifies the lightweight of the alloy wheels.

5. Usage

Sports bikes need to be light in order to be fast and hence they are constructed out of alloy wheels. They even provide greater stability when zooming at a faster pace. This feature lacks in spokes wheels, and hence they are preferred for dirt bikes and not for sports bikes.

6. Quality of Tyres

One of the biggest advantages of alloy wheels is that they can accommodate tubeless tyres which spokes wheels cannot.

7. Maintenance

Spoke wheels make for a better road-ride, especially if you are surrounded by bad road conditions. Spokes work out to be cheaper for off-road rides. Their alignment is cheaper and can be serviced easily by a local mechanic too.

Final Verdict

From the above discussion, it is evident that there is no one-size-fits-all when debating about which wheels prove to be better for a 200 cc bike in India -spokes or alloy. For professional racers, mountain bikes and adventure-lovers alloy wheels are better, but for commuters and as dirt bikers, it is preferable to go in for spoke bikes as they prove to be easy on the pocket in every manner; be it fuel efficiency, maintenance, repair costs, and so on.

Now that you know all about the difference between alloy and spoke wheels, you can easily apply for a two wheeler loan and purchase your dream bike, fitted with any one of the two tyre types.

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