5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To An Electric Scooter

The price of essential fuels such as diesel and petrol has peaked in recent years. This phenomenon is not limited to India. The fuel price hikes are a global phenomenon no thanks to certain global geopolitical tensions. 

In India, the price of petrol is above INR. 100/litre mark. Hence, people are willing to buy e-scooters like the Bajaj Chetak Electric to keep their monthly expenses in check.

The multiple benefits associated with owning e-scooters are also driving people towards e-scooters. The following sections will enunciate some of those benefits. Here goes:

1. E-Scooters Allow One to Recover Their Investment Quickly


The prices of e-scooters are high when compared to petrol scooters. One has to take a two-wheeler loan to buy an e-scooter. But the good news is that one will be able to get back the money they had spent on their e-scooter pretty quickly. 

Why the prices of e-scooters are higher compared to petrol scooters?

Well, EV technology is still in its early days. EV makers like Bajaj Auto use the profits they make from selling each e-scooter to hone their in-house e-scooter technology. 

Then there is the cost of lithium-ion battery packs – the soul of an e-scooter or any e-vehicle to be honest. Since lithium is an expensive mineral, it is natural for e-scooter makers to pay premium prices for lithium-ion battery packs. Hence, the result is that the prices of e-scooters shoot up.

Eventually, the prices will come down when the supply of e-scooters surpasses the demand.

2. E-Scooters Available in India Entail High Quality and Impressive Features


The next reason why one should buy an electric scooter is the impressive quality and amazing features they offer. 

For instance, brands like Bajaj Auto spent a considerable amount of money before they even launched their e-scooter the ChetakThe brand made sure that the e-scooter is launched only after countless in-house R&D hours are spent perfecting it. The brand also chose to develop the entire product in-house. Hence, e-scooters available from reputed two-wheeler brands entail high quality.

The next reason why one should buy an e-scooter is the ton of impressive features one will get with it. For instance, the e-Chetak comes with the following never-been-heard-before features or Unique Selling Points.

  • Every panel of the e-Chetak is made up of reinforced, high-quality steel.
  • The e-scooter is built around a pressed high-tensile steel tubular chassis.
  • The ride quality of the e-scooter is like no other e-scooter currently available in India.
  • The overall handling of the e-scooter is perfect for city and short highway trips.
  • The e-scooter has the best design language.
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3. E-scooters Available These Days Run More Kilometres Per Charge


Early adopters of e-scooters suffered from range anxiety for the right reasons. Early models of e-scooters offered poor range/charge. That is not the case anymore. A case in point is that of Chetak electric. The e-scooter from Bajaj can run for 85 KMs/charge in sport mode. In eco mode, the e-scooter can run for 95 KMs/charge. And yes, the s-e-scooter comes with twin ride modes!

Furthermore, despite the absence of a fast charging adaptor, the e-scooter can be charged 100 % in just 5 hours. 

4. E-Scooters Available These Days are Reliable


There are tons of concerning videos online where e-scooter and even full-fledged EVs are catching fire spontaneously. An EV catches fire when the owner plugs in the adaptor of the EV to the wrong power outlet. If one is careful, their e-scooter will never put them in a threatening situation. At the same time, one should always buy an e-scooter from a reputed brand. For instance, the Chetak electric from Bajaj is equipped with an advanced Battery Management System (or BMS).

The function of a BMS on any EV is simple. A BMS makes sure that the battery pack of the EV is being charged and discharged uniformly. All fluctuations are neutralized by the BMS. Furthermore, the BMS also makes sure that the battery pack does not exceed the permissible operational temperature. This allows reputed e-scooter brands to keep their e-scooters from bursting into flames on hot Indian summer days.

Furthermore, the Chetak electric from Bajaj comes with a long-lasting battery pack. In simple words, the Chetak electric’s battery pack will last more than 70, 000 KMS before it would need replacement.

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5. E-Scooter Allows One to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint Significantly


An e-scooter doesn’t emit any fumes. It means that people who want to cut their carbon footprint will be able to do so by buying an e-scooter. 

For more details about the Chetak electric, head over to a Bajaj dealership today.

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